Solve Global Problems

It’s easy to think that global problems like Climate Change aren’t being solved because governments are negligent or corrupt, or that corporations are simply bent on making profits.

At Simpol we’ve identified the reason why governments aren’t acting and why corporations continue to do the wrong thing  – and it’s called Destructive Global Competition. Read on to understand how Destructive Global Competition affects us all, or watch the video with our founder John Bunzl.

How Destructive Global Competition works

Climate Change. Tax Avoidance. Wealth Inequality. Take any global issue and you can be sure Destructive Global Competition is stopping governments from solving it.

Take Climate Change. The main way to solve it is to reduce carbon emissions. Almost everyone knows that, and yet very few countries are actively reducing their emissions at the rate required. Why?

Most of us tend to think this is because our leaders are ignorant or in hock to vested interests. But put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

For any country to reduce its emissions, it will need to make big changes - pass laws and legislation that regulate and tax big business to reduce their emissions.

But if any government does that alone, it runs a risk - a risk that those same businesses will just take their operations and thousands of jobs to some other country that doesn’t have such strict rules and regulations. That government will have made its national economy uncompetitive compared to others. That means, business and jobs will go elsewhere, the economy will suffer, and the government concerned would likely lose the next election. The result? No government acts and our problems only worsen.

This destructive competition between nations to attract capital, investment and jobs is going on all the time, and it's a vicious circle. The sad reality we have to face is that it's not that governments don’t want to act, but that Destructive Global Competition means they can’t.

What we can do about it

But what if you could help release governments from competing for capital so they could instead cooperate for our future? What if you could be part of a movement that allows us to use our votes in a completely new way to break the vicious circle and drive governments to cooperate?

Welcome to Simpol – the international citizens campaign to solve global problems!

Simpol is short for the Simultaneous Policy – a range of policies to solve global problems at the same time, on the same date, so all nations win. With Simpol, you can contribute to those policies and drive governments to implement them.

Signing on to Simpol is like globalizing the power of your vote. But Simpol isn’t a political party. Instead your support for it drives existing politicians and parties towards global cooperation. As a Simpol supporter, your vote isn’t just a national one – it also sends a powerful signal to politicians that they need to support the Simpol campaign. If they don't, they risk losing your vote to a competing candidate who does. The campaign is already underway, supported by these politicians.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Simpol now to globalize your vote, and read our About page to learn more about Simpol, or purchase a copy of The Simpol Solution to get a fuller understanding of the critical evolutionary challenge that globalization confronts us with and how you and other citizens around the world are using Simpol to take us to the next level in global cooperation.