Getting involved: 7 ways to Simpol!

1. Make sure you've signed on to the campaign

Signing on to Simpol makes you a supporter of the campaign, joining you with thousands of others, in NZ and elsewhere, in the campaign to solve global problems. Being a supporter also allows you, when the time comes, to participate in developing the global policies that will make up Simpol's measures.

2. Tell your MP

When you sign on to Simpol we'll inform your MP on your behalf and invite them to support the campaign. (If there's an election coming up, we'll inform all the candidates standing in your constituency).

But it's much more powerful if your MP hears from you directly. So please download this template letter and send it to them today. That way, your MP will know what s/he needs to do to gain your vote at the next election! You can find out who your MP is here.

3. Tell your family and friends

Like you, your friends and family may be looking for a new, powerful way to re-engage with politics but in a non-party-political way that takes the whole world into account. So why not tell them about Simpol by sending them an email that directs them to this site? You can copy and paste this template text into your email. Please ask them to support Simpol too!

Need a handy flyer that explains Simpol? Download this A4 flyer and print it at home.

4. Ask your favourite causes to support Simpol

Global problems need immediate action. That's why it's important to carry on supporting your other favourite NGOs. But many NGO demands won't ever be fully implemented without global cooperation, which is why it's important you ask your NGOs to support Simpol. Please send them this template letter which invites them to partner with us.

5. Join or create a local Simpol group

Supporters are getting together locally to campaign to get their MP to sign the Simpol Pledge. Contact us to see if there's a group in your area or about starting one.

6. Volunteer to help the Simpol campaign

We need help with all sorts of tasks and there are hundreds of ways to use your special talents to help the campaign. So if you want to give something back to the world and have a little regular spare time to offer, why not download and submit the Simpol Volunteer Form and tell us how you can help?

7. Donate to support the campaign

Being politically independent means our work relies purely on membership fees and on donations from private individuals. Any donation, large or small, once or on a regular basis, would be gratefully received. You can donate via PayPal. For larger donations, please contact us regarding the most tax efficient means of giving your support.