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Jul. 18: Scilla Elworthy endorses Global Domestic Politics book

Scilla Elworthy, founder of the Oxford Research Group and long-time campaigner for nuclear disarmament and peace, has endorsed John Bunzl's new book, Global Domestic Politics - A citizen's guide to running a diverse planet. "I think it’s a terrific book," she said. "You are writing with great clarity and it makes all the difference that you bring in Spiral Dynamics and Integral thinking. This allows you to make such strong points about diverse values and non democratic nations. Until I read your clear analysis, I hadn’t realised just how much destructive international competition is central to governments’ problems".

Jan. 30: Economist David K. Levine endorses Simpol

Game theory specialist, David K. Levine, John H. Biggs Distinguished Professor of Economics at Washington University, St. Louis, USA, has endorsed the Simpol campaign.

Impressed by John Bunzl's recent TEDx presentation, The Political Prisoner's Dilemma, read Prof. Levine's endorsement here.

Nov. 5: Simpol on Huffington Post!

With environmentalists bemoaning the absence of any mention of climate change in the recent U.S. Presidential debates, top blog The Huffington Post runs this article by Simpol founder, John Bunzl, which offers a solution: Swing voters, Mr. President? UK has the answer.

Sept. 7th: Ken Wilber dialogues with John Bunzl on IntegralLife

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory, and John Bunzl dialogue about global governance and how Simpol may be key in achieving it. Available in several parts, the dialogue can be heard here.  It is based on a new article by John to appear shortly in the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice entitled Transcending 1st-Tier Values in Achieving Binding Democratic Global Governance. Wilber has described Simpol as "a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing" and is a member of Simpol's Advisory Board.

Terry Patten interviews John Bunzl

Terry Patten

Integral teacher, Terry Patten, interviewed John Bunzl on May 13th as part of Terry's excellent Beyond Awakening interview series. John explains more about global consciousness and how Simpol offers a solution to global problems. To listen to this and other inspiring interviews, click here. To read Terry's blog about his interview with John, please click here.

TEDx: See John Bunzl "Thinking Like Einstein"

John on stage at Goodenough College, London, May 5th 2012

Simpol's founder, John Bunzl gave a TEDx  presentation at Goodenough College, Bloomsbury in London on 5th May. The TEDx event was entitled The Future of Humanity - the Big Picture, and John's presentation, "Thinking like Einstein", explains what global thinking really means. You may think you think globally, but do you? Check it out! Click here to see the video. 

Recent News

April 29th: Simpol at BetterWorldForum 2012

Simpol founder, John Bunzl, will present Simpol as part of the BetterWorldForum 2012 online conference being held over two weekends, 21/22nd and 28/29th April. Many prominent change agents and thought leaders will be presenting at the event, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Deepak Chopra, Hazel Henderson and John Perkins. John Bunzl will speak about Simpol in an hour-long dialogue on Sunday 29th April 10am (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) or 3pm (UK time). John will discuss how we can use our votes in our national elections to drive our politicians and governments to cooperate internationally to solve global problems. To see the full schedule and to register, click here.

April 10th: Article by Bunzl published in Journal of Integral Theory

An article by Simpol's founder, John Bunzl, appears in the latest (March) issue of the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. Entitled Discovering an Integral Civic Consciousness in a Global Age, the article defines civics as an awareness of the need for governance to solve problems at any level, from local to global. It analyses modern, postmodern and early-integral levels of civic awareness and shows them to be inadequate for dealing with today's global problems. Only a late-integral (Vision-logic) civic awareness, John argues, can meet the challenge. To download the article, click here. It appears in the March issue of Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. For more of John's articles based on Integral Theory, click here.

April 4th: Gill Wright joins Simpol's Trustee Board

Gill Wright, teacher and practitioner in metaphysics, integrative health and inter-faith studies, has kindly agreed to join Simpol's international Trustee Board. Gill is also a trustee of World Servers Foundation and was formerly a Vice-President of the Club of Budapest. We are delighted to welcome Gill to Simpol's growing international team! For more about Gill, please click here.

March 2012: Ken Wilber joins Simpol's Advisory Board

Ken Wilber, prominent author, philosopher and founder of Integral Theory has kindly agreed to join Simpol's Advisory Board. Describing Simpol as "a 2nd-tier political practice that makes a great deal of sense, and is certainly worth backing", Ken has long advocated some form of binding global governance as a solution to global problems. Ken's decision to join the Advisory Board follows a number of articles on Simpol and global governance written by John Bunzl for the Journal of Integral Theory & Practice. For more information or to download these articles, please click here.

March 2012: Simpol partners with World Servers Foundation

Finding they share the same objective of global cooperation, Simpol and World Servers Foundation (WSF) have become partners and have agreed to explore and cooperate on projects of common interest.

The vision statement of WSF states: "Our vision is a world where collaboraton and cooperation are recognised as essential in solving the contemporary challenges - social, economic, political and environmental - facing the global community."

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While THEY call for global cooperation, YOU can support Simpol to make it happen!

"The total cost during 2009 of cross-border crime is said to equate to 3.6% of world GDP, according to Juri Fedotow, head of the UN's Drugs and Criminal Prevention agency (UNODC) based in Vienna. Human trafficers alone gain about $32m annually from their activity. "We must recognise that this is a problem that requires a global solution", he said while attending a UN conference on criminality. "No nation can tackle this problem alone". Der Spiegel, 23rd April, 2012.

The solution? Support Simpol!

Raising awareness...

A Country Like New Zealand Could Save the World

That's the title of a new book by global activist Hugh Steadman. Mentioning Simpol as one possible pathway to global transformation, this book is a compelling read. For more information, check out Hugh's latest blog.

R-evolution - the movie

R-evolution - the movie. A film that takes the pulse of the world's consciousness. New from World Servers Foundation. For more, click here.

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